General guides for E-ARK CITS creation and GitHub use

This repository contains guidelines pertaing to a number of specifications and/or guidelines covering speciifc tools used for all specifications.

Guideline (Primer) for the Common Specification for Information Packages (CSIP), SIP, AIP, DIP, Preservation Metadata and Archival Information

This guideline (primer) describes the core IP specifications with the accompanying preservation metadata and archival information needed to create a complete package. The underlying standards, such as the OAIS Reference Model, XML, and METS, are described in a user-friendly way but also requires that the reader have knowledge in digital preservation. Some notes regarding implementation are also present, but, in most cases, these will not be enough to explain how it is conducted in each system because of the complexity of all the systems. The principles for a package are also described and explained. The guideline will be an evolving document, and thoroughly explained examples will be added continuously.

Guideline (Primer) for GitHub

This guideline (primer) describes the use and interaction with GitHub. The guideline will be an evolving document, and thorough explanations will be added continuously.